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Husni Mubarak Zainal is a medical doctor, global health professional, humanitarian worker, published writer and avid traveller. Born in a traditional Buginese merchant family from Sidrap and raised in the midst of central Makassar, Indonesia. Husni spent his childhood exploring the market, helping his family business and reading of far off worlds. His dad was an avid fisherman who often took the family on a sailing trip crossing the Celebes’s archipelago where he would Husni to spent hours exploring the island and beaches.

Ever since in the College, Husni has grown his passion in aid-base activity and community organisation. It has led him to various assignments ranging from providing medical aid assistance in a conflict zone, natural disasters, man-made disasters to a medical charity; and continues as he graduated from Medical School and starting his professional year as medical doctor. In 2011, he decided to leave the Orthodox doctor’s path and follow his passion onto the humanitarian field. After being accepted as an International staff of Médicine Sans Frontières (Doctor Without Borders), Husni started his new adventure on a various humanitarian mission. Endeavour to provide medical care in -often- world most unstable context, where he began to discover his other passion: Writing.

Some of his articles were published in a national-based newspaper (Kompas) and MSF South East Asia website.  He is also a visiting lecturer of Al-Khairaat Medical Faculty in Palu (Central Sulawesi) and delivered a student lecture at University College London.

Currently he resides in London and you can reach him by leaving comments, email at justhityou@gmail.com or follow him  on his Twitter and Instagram account.

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum, Ka’ Husni. Salam kenal.
    Lagi browsing buat riset tentang dokter Indonesia yang membaktikan diri dalam kemanusiaan dalam MSF ketemu profil Kakak. Pas saya googling malah ketemu juga blog ini. OMG kaya dapet durian runtuh rasanya 😀

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