Karachi – Pakistan, 27th January 2015 [01:03am]

Christmas Eve has just passed and the jingles of merry were resonant through the coldest time of the year. I was in Konya, center of Anatolian region in Turkey, about to pay my respect to the great scholar and poet; Rumi. When an email with title “Gratitude” was arrived in my Inbox. It was from one of the person that I dearest the most.

As I read his email, time was flashing back to 2010 when we first joggled in the deep forest of Lambusango. It has taught us in common and the deep sea of Banda has bounded our relation as firm as the rattan bracelet in the wrist of Buton girls. I feel grateful to the motion of destiny in such beautifully bestow the best lesson one could have.

1 month has passed away and I think of sharing this thoughtful piece with you together with the magical place he called home.

I hope you will cherish it as I do and maybe somewhere along the hundred words, you will find your lesson as I do.

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