Finding Sincerity in Khaosan Road

How many bottles of beer left alone after 5AM in Khaosan Road?


I asked myself that silly question as I was passing by different type of people equated by bottle or more of Singha beer on their hands. Every few meters, I saw a young Thais stood between clothes markets’ stall holding giant cooler of ice crammed with beer. Some of them kept waving giant board with raggedly written “Laughing Gas” or “Low Price” bucket whisky, made me wonder whoever wrote that potentially under whatever it was they’d written on it.

I had only been to Khaosan Road once before and while I didn’t remember it fondly; I could recall that it certainly was not jammed with people as this time. It was 10 minutes past 12AM and I was restlessly waiting my friends at the corner of Dang Derm Hotel. The street wasn’t change much and every minute it kept pulsating mass of humanity. Continue reading