An Abundant of White

“People change for two reason; either their mind has been enlightened or their heart has been broken”


Seemingly I saw that phrase written at the corner of a magazine page. The old guy that sits next to me has been reading it for quite sometimes before he falls asleep soundly. It was one hour to go before the train arrives at Denizli, from the window morsel with light rain I could see the bright orange sky was slowly turning to dark violet. Swirling sound of steel hitting the bottom of rail creates a humdrum music.

There was nothing such interesting with the scenery. An abundant of orange field crisscrossing towns that looked similar one to another, every half an hour or forty-five minutes the train will stop for a while at a designated station. Beside the old man that sleeping next to me the wagon was dared empty. I counted there was a total of seven people including me and nobody seemed knowing each other. No conversation, no sound of chit chatting neither a ring of a phone. The emptiness and constant humming of the train machine felt excruciating. Continue reading