Evolve or Revolve?

Phebe – Liberia, 08th October 2015 [05:25pm]

Every afternoon when I just finished with work at the hospital, I saw this girl sitting at the exact stone bench, carrying the exact silver bowl and smiling the exact way when I waved my hands toward her. She then waiting for costumer under the big tree outside of the hospital compound, often until the sun sets or earlier when the rumble sound of thunder approaching.  

Have you ever imagined how’s your life would be if you revolved in the same pattern, routine or even people? 

Over and over? 

As if your universe is a giant tree and you mere a tiny leaf waiting autumn to comes and then fall into the ground, composed. 

Some might think it’s tidious, that life is not supposed to be a vicious cycle of boredoms, that human born to explore and it’s the nature of our species to evolve not revolve.

But the fact is, not all of us has the privilege to travel, to see what beyond the horizon or to experience sun light when our loved ones succumbed in a dark night or to answer the dreamy question of a purpose of life.

Some people also feel content with the tiny world of their surroundings. To think that exploration only for those who seek for completeness in their seemingly empty life. 

In a matter of fact, people will stops seeking, exploring or asking when they finally found what they’ve been looking for, no?

So maybe life is not about seeking for an answer, but knowing what to question.

Because in a matter of fact, not every question in this tangible universe [unfortunately] has an answer…

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