It’s Time to Move On

Stone Town – Zanzibar, July 12 2013 [05:05pm]

Hey, how are you?

Well, I don’t know if this postcard will arrive at where it belongs [supposed to be your mailbox]

But at any cases, I would like you to know how picturesque this island is. Dazzling sun, breese from indian ocean, the solitude white sand beach. i know how you adore beach as much I love it, how you like to scuttle yourself into the silent sea garden. I believe it will be easy for anchor your heart here.

It’s been my sixth days on this island…

Do you remember, I’ve said that I pine for ocean, seafood [darn, I try not to mention sushi but yes sushi!]. That’s the reason why I chose to landed myself in Zanzibar. The city also gorgeous, but let me tell you a secret, I got lost almost everyday on the riddle labyrinth of Stone Town [seriously the labyrinths are bizzare].

But there, yesterday in the middle of the city maze from a guy at the mosque I found my epiphany….

All of this time it’s not about you. I think I was lost before and there I met you on a long darren road. I think I finally found the way back to a place I call home, even at the end you left me alone.

There, at that time I felt a real lost…

But the man at the mosque made me realize one thing. That actually I have never lost. I simply just miss the concrete path and accidentally choose the lone trail.

But no matter which path I choose, it will lead me to the final destination in my life. None is better than the other, both of it offers me a lesson. I simply grateful for that.

Maybe eventually we dispart at the crossroads but I believe, one day we will meet again. In the path where we first met, where there is only adventure and story to share.

Perhaps you are my final destination or perhaps not. But one thing for sure, you are one of the best stopover in the course of my life.

And for that, my feeling still stay the same as we first met.

See you when i see you, dear….

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