“Nowadays we often use the term “proximity” to talk about the doctor-patient relationship. But in fact it is much more than that, it should not limited to the medical act. I often got a question why I choose to be a doctor and later become humanitarian worker. For me this profession is special. It’s the feeling of humanity. Going towards other human being to provide help, it makes us all part of our common humanity, with positive vision of what humanity is, of what mankind is.

Everyday we go and meet the other, knowing that we are all the same, but at the same time we are also different…” ~ tis

People put their faith on us when all we can do is believe in ourself and put our faith into something greater than us: To God, Good Power, Universe or anything you may call him or it. I choose this path of life, be a doctor with all of the consequences, the sacrifices, time that I have devoted. But little do I know that I gain more than just knowledges, fame or any important substances. A doctor is not only a profession, it is a way of life. And by that it will take me more than one life to understand the meaning and to practice medicine perfectly as what the society wants me to be. As a doctor I will NEVER promise you a result but I promise you my effort, my long-life willingness of learning the recent knowledge and God damn knows that oath I have recited at the very first day of my life as a doctor; to help others. By that I don’t need respect but I need your trust and a simple note for all of us to remember.

That no matter how you see me and think of me. I am just an ordinary human like you and I am afraid of ignorance too…


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